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Customised Ear Moulds for TV and Musicians

IEM Cable Linum In ear monitoring

The great advantage of customised ear moulds is that they provide the ultimate listening experience coupled with the superb comfort. We only use superior silicone materials, hard acryllic IEMs are nowhere near as comfortable or acoustically suited, we only offer the very best in our products.

Great Sound Blocking Performance

Occluding the ear (blocking the canal) means that only the sound from the earpiece arrives at your senses, not the sound around you. This lowers the level at which you listen to the desired source, therefore eliminating having to increase (turn up!) the sound level to compete with the the external noise. Turning up to compete with external noise is dangerous and hearing damage can occur as a result, especially over long periods of time, such as during television broadcasts and loud environments like stadium events. Our earpieces will let you listen at lower levels. Being custom fitted, they also offer a much more hygenic solution compared to people sharing earpieces and headsets, meaning no sweat or bacteria passing between users.

Making Customised Ear Moulds

The process to make these custom moulds is acheived by a painless quick examination of your ears, followed by what most people describe as a pleasant painless filling of their ears with a soft silicone. The silicone becomes a carbon copy of the inside of your ear canal, ready for making your custom ear moulds. The process takes around 10 minutes and can be done at many hearing centres, though we do prefer to take the impressions ourselves as we cannot guarantee the accurancy of a 3rd party. Hearing centres will also charge you anywhere between £35-£100 for this service, whereas we include the impressions in the price, within reasonable travel arrangements. We try to arrange a date suitable for both parties at a suitable location where we both are that day. A home visit is also more than possible, as is a visit to our premises.

Our IEM Product Range

We offer four premium products: Presenter, Music, Music Minis then our Custom page where we cater for Swimming Plugs / Motorsport specialties or any other enquiries you may have!! Our Music In Ear Monitoring product can be customised with a variety of colours and glitter finishes. We also offer Laser engraving of your initials, phone number or name. We are also able to make sleeves for earphones.

Our Presenter IEM product is like no other, no-one offers the experience we have with these and we offer the best TV earpieces available on the market.

Our Music features the best sounding dual driver surpassing triple drivers, with the most high tech Linum micro fine cable, which is ultra strong. We offer a vast array of high quality medical grade silicone colours shown on our custom page.

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