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Music Mini


image001The only company to offer full range custom silicone IEMs mini size! Mini Clear side on   

Dual driver Acupass In Ear Monitors (IEMs) for high quality music monitoring for musicians but also for audiofiles who want ultra high quality listening combined with the ultra comfort that only a custom silicone IEM can offer. Extremely loud and matched to work on stage as well as MP3 players or similar, but in a super small size, so small it's possible your ears maybe too small for them! We fit the same high quailty Acupass driver into a much smaller space, we will know at the impression stage if these will work for you or not. These are very high quality drivers - the same as our music product, but they look more like earbuds/MP3 player headphones, except they are professional quality and of course custom to your ear, so they provide noise blocking like our other products, no need for noise cancelling gimmicks, just block out the sound instead!

Flexible Usage

Designed to just pop in and go, great for motorcycles, running, commuting, and anytime you want to use a custom pair of earphones you can wear all day comfortably. We have a huge range of colours and as standard we use our ultra thin linum cable, the sleekest cable in the world. However you have the choice of our Metallic Silver or our Black IEM cable. Take them with you anywhere and listen to your hearts content!


Designed for professional musicians!

Our Music Mini's (Using Acupass by Sonion drivers) fit both ears to block out external sound in loud environments as earplugs, listen to music in ultra crisp quality! If you don't want the security fitting of our full shell ear moulds (like our Music product) then our Music Minis will give you everything they do, but in a smaller design, so you get the same great quality, ultra comfort and noise blocking, in a vast array of very cool colours!!

You can think of them as non critical versions, they probably would not fall out when you are singing/playing to thousands of people at a festival as they hug your ear, but you may want a sleeker design than our Music product, which is designed with mainstream artists in mind- This trend is changing though and we think Music minis may be the only offering soon as people get used to this design.


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